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SBM Women’s Health SIG

Sara Kornfield, PhD, Women’s Health SIG Co-Chair

Meet your new Women’s Health SIG co-chairs!

SIG Women's Health

Jennifer Huberty is an Associate Professor of Exercise and Wellness in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on the adoption and maintenance of physical activity in middle-aged women. She is currently working in partnership with Text4baby to determine the feasibility of using physical activity text messaging to improve physical activity levels in pregnant women. “I joined the Women’s Health SIG in order to branch out of my direct area of research and collaborate and partner with others interested in incorporating physical activity and wellness within their research related to women’s health.”

Sara Kornfield, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Women’s Behavioral Wellness.  Her research focuses on trauma-related symptoms and mood disorders during pregnancy and she currently has an NIMH K23 award to investigate HPA axis dysregulation in pregnant women with PTSD.  She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two small children.  “I joined the Women’s Health SIG in order to network with others interested in women’s health.  I have great mentors at my university but its great to learn about what other researchers are doing in other parts of the country.”

Are you interested in being a part of a small, yet dynamic group of women’s health researchers?  In the Women’s Health SIG, the intimate nature of our membership allows each participant to foster professional relationships, gather new ideas, and collaborate on articles and grant applications.  We have strong collaborations with other SIGS (i.e., technology, physical activity) that can help foster innovative research and contributions to the literature related to Women’s Health. This year we would like to institute a mentorship-pairing model to join young investigators with more established researchers in their field.  Finally, participating in the Women’s Health SIG may help you make connections in order to become more recognized as an expert related to your own individual research focus and its connection to women’s health.

The goals that the Women’s Health SIG has set for the upcoming year include (but are not limited to): 1) participating in grant applications from a group/expertise perspective (i.e., responding to a specific call as compared to a researchers idea being modified for a grant application) yielding innovative and ground breaking research, 2) improving membership (from 50 to 100) by implementing a mentorship model and partnering with other health related organizations (i.e., International Congress on Women’s Health), 3) offering a student research prize as well as a Young Investigator Award to be announced at the next Annual Meeting.

Report on Annual Meeting Activities – This year at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, we had a wonderful turnout at our networking dinner.  In the group of ten women that attended, diverse interests were represented and interesting connections were made.  We look forward to seeing you next year at the networking dinner.