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Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine SIG Update

Amy Janke, PhD, and Joanna Buscemi, PhD, EBBM SIG Co-Chairs

Physical Activity SIG Update

The Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine Special Interest Group (EBBM SIG) is excited to report on our activities at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine and plans for the upcoming year. We had a terrific turnout of SIG members contributing to our mission of advancing evidence-based medicine at our SIG-sponsored events. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Karen Oliver, PhD, ended her term as EBBM SIG co-chair. We are so incredibly grateful for Dr. Oliver’s enthusiasm, commitment to and hard work for our SIG. Thank you for all of your contributions and we look forward to continued collaborations with you!
  • Joanna Buscemi, PhD, was elected as the new incoming co-chair. Dr. Janke and Dr. Buscemi will be working in conjunction with our committee leaders on a number of the SIG’s initiatives and programming for next year’s Annual Meeting.
  • Neha P. Gothe, PhD, won the EBBM SIG outstanding student/trainee award for her abstract titled “The Effects of an 8-week Hatha Yoga Intervention on Executive Function in Older Adults.” Dr. Gothe recently completed her PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Kinesiology and now is an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University.
  • We co-sponsored a pre-conference workshop that offered an interactive approach to understanding and applying the RE-AIM framework for planning and evaluation of interventions, with a particular emphasis on research-practice partnerships. Presenters included Paul Estabrooks, PhD, Russell Glasgow, PhD, Samantha Harden, PhD, and Rodger Kessler, PhD.

As you may have noticed from our offerings at the Annual Meeting, the EBBM SIG has been partnering with the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council (SPLC) to develop partnerships with organizations that may bring new synergies to our SIG membership and SBM as a whole.  For example, we co-sponsored a symposium with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to describe the Exercise as Medicine initiative and discuss evidence-based strategies for increasing physical activity. Also, the EBBM SIG sponsored two events bringing leadership from the US Cochrane Center to speak at our Annual Meeting. First, Dr. Roberta Scherer, Associate Director, US Cochrane Center, presented at our SIG Breakfast Meeting on Preparing a Cochrane Systematic Review. She provided an outstanding overview of the details involved in the systematic review process. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Kay Dickersin, Director of the US Cochrane Center, who discussed the process of Cochrane reviews and ways EBBM SIG/SBM membership can potentially collaborate on such reviews. 

The SIG leadership has several projects planned for the upcoming year, but a primary effort will be to work with others in SBM to continue fostering our relationship with the Cochrane Collaboration. To achieve this aim, we hope to spend the year understanding and organizing our membership’s excellent efforts at evidence synthesis. As a first step towards this goal, we hope to have a survey out to our SIG membership soon to inquire about your interest and experience in systematic reviews and meta-analysis. This will help us more accurately identify our current membership expertise, lead to a more organized approach to connect with members conducting these reviews, and aid in connecting these members with other collaborators and organizations interested in evidence synthesis. So, keep an eye out for an email with a survey link soon!

Thank you to our SIG members who made our presence at this meeting such a success. We are already planning for next year’s meeting, so please reach out to us with ideas and suggestions for programming. As always, we welcome your further involvement with the SIG and look forward to seeing you the next Annual Meeting!