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Congratulations to the following 2011 Society of Behavioral Medicine Achievement Awards recipients!

Distinguished Research Mentor Award: Howard Leventhal, PhD

Distinguished Research Mentor Award
Howard Leventhal, PhD

Distinguished Scientist Award: Margaret A. Chesney, PhD

Distinguished Scientist Award
Margaret A. Chesney, PhD

Outstanding Dissertation Award: Jennifer L. Brown, PhD

Outstanding Dissertation Award
Jennifer L. Brown, PhD

Community Engagement Award: Nueva Vida, Inc.

Community Engagement Award
Nueva Vida, Inc.

Early Career Investigator
Jeffrey S. Gonzalez, PhD

Free & Clear Research to Practice
Kevin Patrick, MD, MS

Linda E. Carlson, PhD
Angela D. Bryan, PhD
Kathy J. Goggin, PhD
Jeffrey L. Goodie, PhD, ABPP
Lee M. Ritterband, PhD
Phillip B. Sparling, EdD
Victor J. Stevens, PhD
Karen L. Syrjala, PhD
Brent Van Dorsten, PhD
Kenneth D. Ward, PhD

Distinguished Student Awards
Excellence in Research
Ding Ding, MPH
Jessica Magidson, MS
Carmina Valle, MPH

Travel Scholarship
Anca Gaston, MA
Travis I. Lovejoy, MS, MPH

C. Tracy Orleans Distinguished Service
The Society of Behavioral Medicine recognizes the following individuals for their hard work and dedication to the society.
Gary G. Bennett, PhD
Francis J. Keefe, PhD
Lisa M. Klesges, PhD
Suzanne M. Miller, PhD

Special Interest Groups (SIG) Awards

SBM congratulates the following recipients of these special awards given by the Special Interest Groups.

Aging SIG
SBM Aging SIG Award for Outstanding Student Research Abstract in Aging
Siobhan M. White

Child and Family Health SIG
The Student Award for Outstanding Research in Child and Family Health
Katherine C. Bailey, MA
The Award for Outstanding Research in Child and Family Health
Tonja R. Nansel, PhD

Cancer SIG
Outstanding Student Award
Elissa Gerfen, BA

Ronit Elk, PhD
Paul B. Jacobsen, PhD

Complementary and Integrative Medicine SIG
Complementary and Integrative Medicine Investigator Research Award
Karen M. Mustian, PhD

Complementary and Integrative Medicine Student Research Award
Jessie Chan

Ethnic, Minority, and Multicultural Health SIG
Outstanding Student Abstract Awarded by the Ethnic, Minority, and Multicultural Health SIG
Diedra F. Frum, MA
Errol J. Philip, MA

Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine SIG
Outstanding Student/Trainee Award in Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine
Matthew P. Buman, PhD

Health Decision Making SIG
Outstanding Trainee Abstract in Health Decision Making
Jessica A. Kadis, MPH

Multiple Health Behavior Change SIG
Multiple Health Behavior Change SIG Research Award
Emily D. Williams, PhD

Multiple Health Behavior Change SIG Student Research Award
Aaron Blashill

Pain SIG
Pain SIG Student Research Award
Elizabeth K. Seng, MS
Susan Sharp, BA

Physical Activity SIG
Physical Activity SIG Student Research Award
Eric B. Hekler, PhD

Physical Activity SIG Local Innovator Award
Bikes for the World

Spirituality SIG
Spirituality and Heath Senior Investigator Award
Gail Ironson, PhD, MD

Student SIG
Student SIG Research Award
Delesha M. Carpenter, PhD
Alexandra H. Dupont
Marisa E. Hilliard, PhD

Women's Health SIG
Outstanding Student Researcher in Women's Health Award
Robyn L. Fielder, MS