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SBMConnect: Are E-Cigarettes Friend or Foe?


The SBMConnect blog draws members' attention to ever-changing—and sometimes controversial—issues and news items. Each SBMConnect post briefly explains an issue or news item intended to have salience for our members. Each post is accompanied by a poll to get a sense of where SBM members stand on the topic. Discussion of each topic also takes place on our LinkedIn page.

A recent post, from Gina Kruse MD, MS, MPH, and Jamie S. Ostroff, PhD, asks the question: Are e-cigarettes friend or foe?

"Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been labeled a disruptive technology resulting in much speculation as to whether they are likely to help or hinder efforts to reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. Awareness of e-cigarettes has increased dramatically and public perceptions of their harmfulness vary (HINTS brief no. 28, February 2015). E-cigarette adoption has far outpaced knowledge of the actual harms and benefits, making informed discussion difficult for consumers, clinicians, and scientists alike. . . ."

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