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SBM Members Come Together to Establish a New SIG: Military and Veterans' Health

Capt Amanda McCorkindale, PsyD, Military and Veterans' Health SIG Outlook Liaison

At the 2012 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, the newly formed Military and Veterans' Health Special Interest Group (MVH SIG) had its first official meeting and is now fully established as one of SBM's newest SIGs. With the goal of promoting health within the unique health care systems of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), this interdisciplinary SIG elected co-chairs to represent both the VA and the DoD. Patricia H. Rosenberger, PhD, was elected to serve a one-year term and represent the VA, while Capt Michael Ann Glotfelter, MS, was elected to represent the DoD serving a two-year term.

Strategies for enhancing communication among members were also discussed, and David E. Goodrich, EdD (VA), Capt Amanda McCorkindale, PsyD (DoD), and Capt JoLyn Tatum, PhD (DoD), volunteered to serve in the capacity of communication officers. It was agreed that MVH SIG would aim to schedule quarterly calls where all SIG members would have the opportunity to discuss timely new topics and issues, share their work, and develop programming for the annual conference. Because VA and DoD are currently undergoing a rapid transformation of healthcare services that includes new behavioral medicine programs and services, a key a goal for the MVH SIG is to facilitate communication and dissemination of information via email, Facebook, listserv, and SBM directories.

The MVH SIG also discussed its plans for the 2013 conference in San Francisco. Ideas were generated for possible pre-meeting educational offerings as well as student and presentation awards to foster professional development. The MVH SIG hopes to sponsor a poster session as a way of promoting research in the health of active military members and veterans. Membership dues and designation of funds toward the MVH SIG were discussed as ways for funding these activities. Finally, the MVH SIG intends to reach out to other SIGs to collaborate on research, presentations, and symposiums for the next conference.

The MVH SIG invites all SBM members to join them in their commitment to promoting research, prevention efforts, policy development, and education and training with the goal of translating evidence-based behavioral medicine interventions into clinical care for all military service members, (both active duty and veterans) and their families. Improving health outcomes through the promotion of innovative practices and evaluation procedures as well as improving the access to quality, cost-effective care is the MVH SIG's goal. We invite any interested members to join the MVH SIG by contacting Capt Michael Ann Glotfelter at Michael.Glotfelter@afncr.af.mil.