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Anticipating Annals

This column lists the table of contents for an upcoming issue of SBM’s journal: Annals of Behavioral Medicine. I would like to thank Alan Christensen, PhD, the Editor of Annals, and his staff for providing this information.
Cheryl Albright, PhD, MPH, Outlook Editor

Annals of Behavioral Medicine
Volume 35, Issue 3
June 2008

Table of Contents

Original Articles

Exploring Refinements in Targeted Behavioral Medicine Intervention to Advance Public Health, Abby C. King, David F. Ahn, Audie A. Atienza, and Helena C. Kraemer

Clinical Implications of Numeracy: Theory and Practice, Wendy Nelson, Valerie F. Reyna, Angela Fagerlin, Isaac Lipkus, and Ellen Peters

Physical Sequelae and Depressive Symptoms in Gynecologic Cancer Survivors: Meaning in Life as a Mediator, Laura E. Simonelli, Jeffrey Fowler, G. Larry Maxwell, and Barbara L. Andersen

Understanding Intentions and Action in Colorectal Cancer Screening, Emily Power, Cornelia Van Jaarsveld, Kirsten McCaffery, Anne Miles, Wendy Atkin, and Jane Wardle

Lifetime Characteristics of Participants and Non-participants in a Smoking Cessation Trial: Implications for External Validity and Public Health Impact, Amanda L. Graham, George D Papandonatos, Judith D DePue, Bernardine M Pinto, Belinda Borrelli, Charles J. Neighbors, Raymond Niaura, Stephen L Buka, and David B Abrams

Are Constructs of the Transtheoretical Model for Physical Activity Measured Equivalently Between Sexes, Age Groups, and Ethnicities?, Raheem J. Paxton, Claudio Nigg, Robert W. Motl, Kelly McGee, Dana McCurdy, Caroline Horwath Matthai, and Rod K. Dishman

Can Hostility Interfere with the Health Benefits of Giving and Receiving Social Support? The Impact of Cynical Hostility on Cardiovascular Reactivity During Social Support Interactions Among Friends, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Timothy W. Smith, and Bert N. Uchino

Effects of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Intervention on Psychological Well-being and Quality of Life: Is Increased Mindfulness Indeed the Mechanism?, Ivan Nyklíek, and Karlijn F. Kuijpers

Relation Between Central Adiposity and Cognitive Function in the Maine-Syracuse Study: Attenuation by Physical Activity, Gregory A. Dore, Merrill F. Elias, Michael A. Robbins, Marc M. Budge, and Penelope K. Elias

Rapid Communications

Small Changes in Nutrition and Physical Activity Promote Weight Loss and Maintenance: Three-Month Evidence from the ASPIRE Randomized Trial, Lesley D. Lutes, Richard A. Winett, Steven D. Barger, Janet R. Wojcik, William G. Herbert, Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson, and Eileen S. Anderson

The Use of Theory in Health Behavior Research From 2000 to 2005: A Systematic Review, Julia E. Painter, Christina P.C. Borba, Michelle Hynes, Darren Mays, and Karen Glanz

Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Intake through Messages Tailored to Individual Differences in Regulatory Focus, Amy Latimer, Pamela Williams-Piehota, Nicole A. Katulak, Ashley Cox, Linda Z. Mowad, E. Tory Higgins, and Peter Salovey

Letter to the Editor

Exercise Preferences and Environmental Contexts: A Response to King and Wilcox, Mark R. Beauchamp