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Members Spoke and the SBM Board Listened

In September 2013 SBM members were asked to fill out a short survey, the results of which would be used to guide the SBM Board of Directors in a strategic planning session the following month. Thank you for taking the time to convey what you value about your Society and where you think we should head in the immediate and long-range future.

Survey results indicate members would like to see SBM:

  • Focus on the increasingly important roles of technology and social media and how their use can lead to novel, exciting research
  • Create new methodologies for discovery and implementation, for example, using data mining and adaptive and optimized interventions
  • Protect current research funding streams while helping to develop creative new ones
  • Develop standards for integrative behavioral healthcare

Achieving progress in these member-identified strategic directions greatly depends on the input and help from SBM members. In the coming months SBM leadership will focus on developing an efficient, technology-mediated system that fosters and coordinates member-generated ideas and input.

Thank you once again for your dedication to SBM.