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Members in the News

The following Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) members and their research were recently featured in news articles or videos. To have your news spot featured in the next issue of Outlook, please email lbullock@sbm.org.

Patricia Chalela, DrPH, and Amelie G. Ramirez, MPH, DrPH
The abstract “Empowering Latina Breast Cancer Patients to Make Informed Decisions about Clinical Trials: A Multi-Communication Approach,” (authors: Chalela P., Munoz E., Gallion K., Karnad A., and Ramirez A.G.) was presented at the cancer health disparities conference held in San Antonio, TX, from November 9-12, 2014, by the American Association for Cancer Research. An article about the abstract was featured in the San Antonio Express News and Houston Chronicle. Another article was featured on Health Canal and Medical Xpress.

Jiun-Hau Huang, SM, ScD
Dr. Huang’s research at National Taiwan University showing that pre-college bullying is linked with health-related quality of life in college was published in Pediatrics. His work was also featured on Reuters Health in December 2014 and on the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health’s website in January 2015.

Jennifer L. Huberty, PhD
In January 2015, Dr. Huberty was featured in Arizona State University News for a study she is currently conducting on the impact of yoga on post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP, Arlen C. Moller, PhD, and Michael J. Coons, MA
A piece published in The Economist on January 31, 2015, featured research co-authored by Drs. Spring and Moller as well as by Mr. Coons. Their research studied the impact online communities have on individuals’ weight loss.