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New EBBP Modules on Decision-Making

Molly Ferguson, MPH
Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP

EBBP Training Modules

The Resources for Training in Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice project has launched two new modules on decision-making:

Shared Decision-Making with Individual Clients: Learn about the shared decision-making process as a practitioner working with individual clients. You will work through cases and attempt to balance the best available evidence with client preferences and resources in a clinical setting.

Collaborative Decision-Making with Communities: Learn about the collaborative decision-making process as a public health practitioner working with communities. You will work through a case from the point of view of a public health program manager working in a local health department.

Select modules are available for continuing education credit for psychologists, physicians, and nurses, and will be available shortly for social workers.

The new decision-making modules, along with all other training resources from the EBBP Project, are available at www.ebbp.org/training.html. All materials are available free of charge.

For more information about the EBBP Project, visit the project's main website at www.ebbp.org. Please contact Molly Ferguson, the EBBP Program Manager, at m-ferguson@northwestern.edu with any questions/comments.