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Development: Expanded Opportunities to Support SBM

If you've registered for the 2011 Annual Meeting or renewed your membership you might have noticed some "giving" opportunities. Each and every year, generous members provide "extra" support to SBM and that support - above and beyond dues and meeting registration fees - allows the Society to deliver and expand services. The three opportunities highlighted on the membership application comprise:

1) The Advocacy and Membership Development Campaign. Instituted a number of years ago, this campaign has supported travel to the Annual Meeting for recipients of the student travel awards. This year the SBM Board adopted a new focus: education and advocacy at the federal level, designed to bring attention to the importance of behavioral medicine research funding, increase the impact of behavioral medicine throughout healthcare reform implementation, and heighten the visibility of SBM.

2) Annual Meeting sponsorship. The Development Committee always reaches beyond the membership base to secure support for such educational events as keynotes, master lectures, and symposia - with solid success. While membership dues and registration fees go far to support the many costs associated with an annual meeting, those costs increase from one year to the next and exceed the income from dues and fees. Hotel charges - for space, food and beverages, and other services - go up annually as do charges for audio/visual and decorator services. Fortunately, SBM has enjoyed continuous conference support from NIH, the American Cancer Society, the American Legacy Foundation, and other groups but it's important to let these supporters know that our own members feel such commitment to their Society that they, too, provide contributions.

3) SBM's "savings account." At the end of the SBM fiscal year, we build our reserves when net income exceeds expenses. Due to careful stewardship on the part of the SBM Board the SBM reserves have been building, which continues to ensure the viability of the organization. Moreover, reserves can be used to expand programs and initiatives.

This year, when you renew your membership or register for the meeting, consider demonstrating your commitment to the Society by supporting one or more of the aforementioned options. Your gift - of any size - will help SBM do more to ensure better health through behavior change. Plus, annual meeting attendees who have made a gift will find a "Friend of SBM" ribbon in their registration packet, to be worn with pride!