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Evidence Based Behavioral Practice Project

Every day, new research in behavioral medicine yields evidence of the positive effects that behavioral interventions can have on health. To help practitioners and researchers, SBM - in partnership with NIH, OBSSR, the National Library of Medicine and Northwestern University - offers resources from the Evidence Based Behavioral Practice (EBBP) project. The EBBP project provides researchers, practitioners, educators, and others with a valuable toolbox. Resources include interactive online learning modules that demonstrate how to conduct the EBBP process with clients and communities. Other tools convey how to keep up with the the latest evidence, appraise which interventions are effective, and conduct randomized clinical trials and systematic reviews. Teaching resources and syllabi are available as well.

The EBBP Web site (http://www.ebbp.org/) now features a new portal, which allows visitors to take any of the five available learning modules, free of charge. Users can stop and save their work, returning at a later time, and can take pre and post-tests to assess their knowledge. These resources are intended to help scientists and practitioners build the evidence base for behavioral interventions and integrate research and practice in real-world conditions. The five available training modules comprise:

  • EBBP Process Module* - Learn and conduct the steps of the EBBP process with a simulated client and/or community.
  • Search for Evidence Module* - Learn the strategies for choosing and using EBBP information tools.
  • Systematic Review Module* - Learn how to evaluate and conduct a systematic review.
  • Critical Appraisal Module - Learn about the critical appraisal of studies that attempt to determine whether an intervention works.
  • Randomized Controlled Trials Module - Learn what randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are and the basics of how to design and conduct them.

*Select trainings are now available for Continuing Education (CE) Credit by the American Psychological Association. To purchase the test, please visit http://search.apa.org/continuing_education?query=&facet=ceformat:Web-based%20independent%20study%20program&sort=title_asc

*All trainings will soon be available for CE credit by physicians and nurses. Please check back for details.

Check the EBBP Web site frequently to stay on top of newly added resources. We encourage you to contact us with your ideas, suggestions and recommendations for how the EBBP project can better meet your needs.