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Anticipating Annals

This column lists the table of contents for an upcoming issue of SBM’s journal: Annals of Behavioral Medicine. I would like to thank Alan Christensen, PhD, the Editor of Annals, and his staff for providing this information.
Cheryl Albright, PhD, MPH, Outlook Editor

Annals of Behavioral Medicine
Volume 35, Number 1
February 2008

Table of Contents


The Annals Is Moving Forward!
Alan J. Christensen

Presidential Address

The Importance of Context in Understanding Behavior and Promoting Health
Edwin B. Fisher


What Types of Evidence are Most Needed to Advance Behavioral Medicine?
Russell E. Glasgow

Original Articles

Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Interventions for Persons Living with HIV: A Review and Critique of the Literature
Jennifer L. Brown, and Peter A. Vanable

Methamphetamine and Poly-Substance Use Among Gym-Attending Men Who Have Sex With Men in New York City
Perry N. Halkitis, Robert W. Moeller, Daniel E. Siconolfi, and Roy C. Jerome

Mediation of Adult Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in the National 5 A Day for Better Health Community Studies
Marci Kramish Campbell, Dale McLerran, Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy, Ziding Feng, Stephen Havas, Glorian Sorensen, David Buller, Shirley A. Beresford, and Linda Nebeling

Benefit Finding in Response to BRCA1/2 Testing
Carissa A. Low, Julienne E. Bower, Lorna Kwan, and Joyce Seldon

Social Support and Self-Care of Patients with Heart Failure
Steven L. Sayers, Barbara Riegel, Stephanie Pawlowski, James C. Coyne, and Frederick F. Samaha

Preferences for a Patient-Centered Role Orientation: Association with Patient Information Seeking Behavior and Clinical Markers of Health
Austin S. Baldwin, Jamie A. Cvengros, Alan J. Christensen, Areef Ishani, and Peter J. Kaboli

Perceived Stress is Associated with Impaired T-Cell Response to HPV16 in Women with Cervical Dysplasia
Carolyn Y. Fang, Suzanne M. Miller, Dana H. Bovbjerg, Cynthia Bergman, Mitchell I. Edelson, Norman G. Rosenblum, Betsy A. Bove, Andrew K. Godwin, Donald E. Campbell, and Steven D. Douglas

Hyperventilation Symptoms are Linked to a Lower Perceived Health in Asthma Patients
Thomas Ritz, David Rosenfield, Alicia E. Meuret, Carol Bobb, and Andrew Steptoe

Rapid Communications

The Effects of Race-related Stress on Cortisol Reactivity in the Laboratory: Implications of the Duke Lacrosse Scandal
Laura Smart Richman, and Charles Jonassaint

Physical Activity, Self-Efficacy, and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis
Robert W. Motl, and Erin M. Snook

Barriers to Supervised Exercise Training in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
Kerry S. Courneya, Donald C. McKenzie, Robert D. Reid, John R. Mackey, Karen Gelmon, Christine M. Friedenreich, Aliya B. Ladha, Caroline Proulx, Kirstin Lane, Jeffrey K. Vallance, and Roanne J. Segal

Letter to the Editor
Exploring Physical Activity Preferences Abby C. King, and Sara Wilcox