2021 Supporter Prospectus

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About SBM

SBM is a multidisciplinary organization of clinicians, educators, and scientists dedicated to promoting the study of the interactions of behavior with biology and the environment, and then applying that knowledge to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Proven Science. Better Health™.

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Annual Meeting Overview

SBM’s Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions provide an excellent opportunity for attendees of all experience levels to participate in the highest caliber of professional programming devoted to research and practice in the field of behavioral medicine.

Target Audience
SBM’s Annual Meeting represents the largest annual scientific conference—with approximately 2,500 attendees expected—devoted exclusively to behavioral medicine. The Annual Meeting offers a multidisciplinary forum for psychologists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, health education specialists, registered dietitians, and other professionals with a range of expertise in health promotion, disease prevention, risk factor identification and modification, disease progression, adjustment and adaptation to physical disorders, rehabilitation, and diffusion and dissemination.

Administration 8%
Clinical Practice 16%
Research 50%
Supervision/Teaching 26%


For more detailed information about the 2021 Annual Meeting, please click here.

To view the list of topic areas and speakers, please click on one of the following links:

2021 Topic Areas
2021 Keynote Speakers
2021 Master Lectures


Affiliate Member Program

SBM offers affiliate membership to nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, educational institutions, government institutions, and research labs. Affiliate members receive a reduce rate for Annual Meeting sponsorship opportunities. Affiliate members also receive a host of other benefits, like opportunities to promote events, access to SBM’s members-only network of expert consultants, and up to five complementary individual SBM memberships for staff. Plus, Affiliate Members’ names and logos are publicized on the SBM website year-round for all to see.


  Complimentary SBM Memberships* Discounted Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities Discounted Mailing List Use Discounted Rates for Job Ads
Level 1 - $2,000 2 memberships 10% Discount 10% Discount 10% Discount
Level 2 - $3,000 3 memberships 15% Discount 15% Discount 15% Discount
Level 3 - $5,000 5 memberships 20% Discount 20% Discount 20% Discount

*These individuals will be able to register for SBM’s Annual Meeting at the reduced SBM member rate. They will also have access to journals and
SIG emails.


Supporter Opportunities

Promotional Items

Virtual Lobby Banner Advertisement - $10,000
Be the center of the Annual Meeting with your company advertisement as the first thing attendees see when they enter the meeting. One click on the banner will transport each attendee to your website. Multiple sponsorships will be considered.

Research Theater Banner Advertisement - $7,500
Have your company's advertisement displayed on a banner for all attendees to view while they're in the research theater. One click on the banner will transport each attendee to your website. Multiple sponsorships will be considered.

Meeting Registration Site Banner Advertisement - $5,000
With the majority of Annual Meeting registrants using the SBM Annual Meeting website, this opportunity offers high visibility of your support. Your company will be prominently featured on the SBM official registration site, reaching an estimated 2,500 meeting registrants.

Pre-Conference Webinar - $1,500-$2,500
Display your company logo on the pre-conference webinar explaining the navigation of the virtual Annual Meeting. Logos will be displayed on the first and last slides of the presentation. You also have the unique opportunity to include a 30 second video advertisement (produced at the sponsor's expense) during the presentation. Limit of two video ads.

  • Package A: Logo on the first and last slide - $1,500
  • Package B: Logo on the first and last slide; 30 second video ad - $2,500

Swag Advertisement Inserts - $900-$1,500
One-page advertisement for insertion in the mailed swag bags will expose your information to approximately 3,000 meeting attendees. All inserts must be submitted for SBM approval prior to printing and final copies will be due February 26, 2021. These inserts may be single or double sided, in black and white or full color. Production and shipping costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Also offered is the opportunity to provide a cocktail, mocktail, or smoothie recipe card for Annual Meeting attendees during the Virtual Happy Hour. Same rules and conditions apply as the advertisements listed above, though SBM can provide the recipe information upon request. Limited availability.

Size Cost
Beverage Recipe Card (4.25 in. x 5.5 in.) $1,500
Full Page (8.5 in. x 11 in.) $1,200
Half Page (4.25 in. x 5.5 in.) $900


Standalone Broadcast Email - $1,000
This opportunity allows your organization’s message to fall right into every pre-registered SBM attendee’s inbox (approximately 2,500 recipients)! Upon approval of the content and timing, SBM will send your broadcast email from our address to all those registered for the SBM Annual Meeting.

Supporter Spotlight Broadcast Email - $1,000
Have your company highlighted in a supporter spotlight section within our regular Annual Meeting informational emails to members, attendees, and past attendees (approximately 3,500 recipients). You send us the content for approval, and then we put it directly into everyone's inboxes.

Discounted Journal Advertising Opportunity - $500-$850
Supporters can advertise in SBM's academic journals at reduced rates!

  • Package A: $500
    10,000 banner impressions to run on Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine
  • Package B: $850
    New Issue alert email for Annals of Behavioral Medicine or Translational Behavioral Medicine

To take advantage of these deals, email Shelley Bewley at Oxford University Press: shelley.bewley@oup.com.

Push Notification - $500
Deliver your message directly to the home screens of approximately 2,500 attendees. Plan one scheduled custom push notification to go out on the Annual Meeting app to drive engagement and brand awareness, and to encourage attendees to stop by your sponsored or company-hosted session.


Sponsored Sessions

Presidential Keynote Address - $5,000
Become the official sponsor of the SBM Presidential Keynote Address and have your organization stand out at the Annual Meeting. The Presidential Keynote Address will be given by Dr. Monica Baskin, SBM President. (Claimed)

Keynote Address - $4,000
Sponsor one of SBM’s four premier educational sessions of the Annual Meeting held unopposed with the full Annual Meeting in attendance.

New Member Welcome Reception - $4,000
Introduce your organization to SBM’s newest members during a virtual reception with remarks from SBM’s leaders and Membership Chair. Your organization will be recognized as a supporter during the reception and throughout the Annual Meeting.

Master Lecture - $3,500
Support one of SBM’s Master Lectures featured during the Annual Meeting. Supporters can choose to join SBM in recognizing a true leader in the field through sponsorship of the Distinguished Scientist Master Lecture, or the Jessie Gruman Award for Health Engagement Master Lecture given annually to one SBM Member who has achieved a pioneering research success.

Company Hosted Session - $3,000
Reach an audience of meeting attendees by hosting a custom virtual reception, workshop, or other session during the Annual Meeting. The fee includes the virtual meeting room and posting of the session within the virtual platform and mobile app schedules. A limited number of opportunities are available. Reach out to SBM for information on hosting a virtual session; just email erehorst@sbm.org.

Other Sessions - $1,500
Networking Breakout Sessions, Breaks, Courses, Panels, and Symposia taking place over the course of the virtual meeting are all available as additional sponsorship opportunities. Reach out to SBM for information on selecting and sponsoring a specific session; just email erehorst@sbm.org.

Additional Opportunities

  • Video Advertisement - $1,000
    All sponsored sessions allow the opportunity to include a 30-second video advertisement (produced at the sponsor's expense) that will be played at the beginning of the presentation. Limit of two video ads per session.
  • Co-Host Keynote Sessions - $2,000
    Co-host your sponsored Keynote session by having a company representative help introduce the speaker and moderate the Q&A portion of the presentation.


Supporter Benefits Chart

SBM appreciates your support. All supporters receive the benefits and recognition below. The total support fees will determine the support level:

Benefits of Support Premium ($5,000) Platinum ($2,000) Gold ($1,000)
Invitation to attend the virtual Supporter Reception – Meet and network with the leaders of SBM! In attendance will be the SBM Board of Directors and other senior members of the society. X    
One complimentary meeting registration X    
Link from SBM website to organization's website X X  
Company name & logo on Annual Meeting acknowledgement page on the website X X X
Recognition in future annual meeting literature, including the 2022 Meeting Prospectus X X X
Placement on the Sponsors list in the Annual Meeting mobile app and virtual platform X X X


Supporter Application

Interested in supporting the 2021 Annual Meeting? Fill out the Supporter Application & Agreement form today.

Looking for other ways to support SBM and our mission of proven science, better health? Click here to view alternative support opportunities.

Important Dates

February 19, 2021
Sponsorship application deadline (note some opportunities are first-come, first-served as indicated above)
April 12-16, 2021
SBM's Virtual Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions


For more information about sponsorship inquiries, please contact:
Eli Rehorst, SBM Development Coordinator
Telephone: 414-918-3156     Email: erehorst@sbm.org


Past Supporters

Past annual meeting supporters and exhibitors have included digital health companies, scientific publishers, universities, health systems, government agencies, and research institutions. Those organizations have chosen to support and exhibit at the annual meeting because it promotes behavioral medicine research, optimal patient care, and better health through behavior change. Additionally, annual meeting exhibitors find an audience that is interested in digital health products that can benefit patient consumers.

To view the full list of our 2019 Annual Meeting Supporters, please click here. (SBM's 2020 Annual Meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19.)


SBM's Proven Science-Better Health Giving Campaign

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) is the nation's leading group of multispecialty experts, dedicated to improving the health and quality of life through proven behavioral science. In Spring 2020, the “Proven Science—Better Health” Giving Campaign was launched by the Board of Directors with three funds for donors to choose from as well as a General Fund.

  • Leadership Development Fund: Reimburses SBM Annual Meeting fees for student volunteers and provides research and travel grants as well as scholarships for diversity and leadership. This funding allows members to learn, network, and hone in their skills.
  • Science Communication Fund: Promotes members’ research to popular press and the public, trains members to do press interviews, and publishes research based health tips using search engines and advertising strategies. Giving to this fund ensures that our members’ research touches the lives of real patients.
  • Policy Advocacy Fund: Ensures that public health laws are based on members’ evidence-based research. This fund will allow our members to build stronger relationships with lawmakers so that they make decisions based on science, not opinion.
  • General Fund: Provides resources to cover SBM’s most pressing needs and ensures that membership fees remain affordable. This fund will allow us to quickly respond to changes in the field and members’ careers.

SBM also offers opportunities for organizations to sponsor student awards, the Diversity or Leadership Institute, and master lectures through our Named Giving Opportunities.

For more information about the Proven Science-Better Health Giving Campaign, please see our campaign case for support or brochure.

To make an online donation to the campaign, please click here.

For more information about making a contribution to SBM, please contact:
Eli Rehorst, SBM Development Coordinator
Telephone: 414-918-3156     Email: erehorst@sbm.org