Annual Meeting Sessions

A comprehensive listing of past sessions co-sponsored by the SPLC can be found here.

2017 SBM Annual Meeting Sessions

SPLC members work closely with other SBM members and those of the myriad professional societies with which SBM has formed liaison relationships to plan and offer educational sessions at each other’s annual meetings. The following sessions were offered at the 38th SBM Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions:

Pre-Conference Sessions

  • “Putting Patient Data into Action: The Use of Patient-Generated Health Data in Clinical Care and Research.” Pre-conference seminar in collaboration with AMIA.

Breakfast Roundtables and Midday Meetings

  • Breakfast roundtable with the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare: “Improving communication skills: Best practices and the use of online learning resources.”
  • Breakfast roundtable with the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks.
  • A midday meeting, “American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and SBM: Policy, Practice, and the Future Promise.”
  • Midday meeting with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, co-sponsored by the SPLC and Aging SIG: “Integration of Lifestyle Medicine into Primary Care Practice for the Older Adult.”


  • “Behavioral Interventions for Obesity: A Debate on the State of the Evidence.” Symposium co-sponsored with The Obesity Society.
  • American College of Sports Medicine co-sponsored symposium: “Exercise as a Non-pharmacological Approach to the Management of Chronic Pain.”
  • “Incorporating cancer screening innovations in integrated health systems.” Symposium.
  • “Models of Integrating Behavioral Health Services in Primary Care: Gold Standard or Substandard?” Symposium in collaboration with the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Integrated Primary Care SIG.
  • “Pain Management: Translating Policy and Guidelines into Practice.” Symposium co-sponsored with the Academy of Integrative Pain Management.
  • “Systematic reviews in cancer: learning from Cochrane Methods and New Findings.” Symposium co-sponsored with the Cochrane Collaboration and EBBM and Cancer SIGs.

From “Don't Preach to the Choir: Reaching the Underserved by Integrating Physical Activity Promotion into Primary Care," symposium co-sponsored by ACSM, SPLC, and the Integrated Primary Care SIG. 2016 SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.









From left:Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin, Sarah Linke, Rene Umstaddt, Melicia Whitt-Glover, Mona AuYoung, Lynette Craft, Caroline Richardson