Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for reviewing, selecting and planning the program for the SBM Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions. This process includes: developing and monitoring the abstract submission process; inviting keynote and other plenary session speakers; developing and monitoring the registration process; and selecting the Local Arrangements Committee that plans/researches local activities and local sponsorships, and develops a guide of local attractions.

The Program Committee is comprised of the following members:

Rachel C. Shelton, ScD, MPH
Eric Hekler, PhD
David X. Marquez, PhD
Kristi Graves, PhD
Jen Huberty, PhD
Deb Bowen, PhD
Ryan Shaw, RN
Charles Jonassaint, PhD
Andrea Cherrington, MD, MPH
Meagan Helmick, MPH, CHES

Local Arrangements Committee

Composition of the Committee
The Local Arrangements Committee is comprised of annually appointed individuals who are both members of the SBM and geographically reside or work in or around the host city for the coming year’s Annual Meeting.

The chair of the Local Arrangements Committee is appointed by the Program Committee chair and serves a 1-year term.

The Program Committee chair oversees all tasks performed by the Local Arrangements Committee and serves as a resource to the Local Arrangements Committee chair on an as-needed basis and whenever his/her schedule allows.

Responsibility of the Committee
The Local Arrangements Committee is responsible for the following Annual Meeting-related tasks:

Activities and Restaurants Guide
The Local Arrangements Committee works with the meetings manager to develop a comprehensive Activities and Restaurants Guide to be printed in the back of the final program for the Annual Meeting. The purpose of the guide is to offer suggestions and information on area restaurants and businesses of interest to the general Annual Meeting attendee who is typically traveling from out of town and is not familiar with that particular city and its surroundings.

Exercise Session Instructors
The Local Arrangements Committee is responsible for recruiting and confirming volunteer instructors for the morning exercise sessions at the Annual Meeting. Typically, the Thursday and Friday morning sessions feature yoga, and the Saturday morning session features the SBM Fun Run. To sign up for the SBM Fun Run, simply indicate your desire to participate in the 5K run/walk on the Annual Meeting registration form. Then you can enjoy the beautiful sites of the Annual Meeting city while getting in your daily exercise with your SBM colleagues!

Additional Assistance in Ad Hoc Capacity to Development Committee
The Local Arrangements Committee members also serve on an ad hoc basis as members of the Development Committee. Local Arrangements Committee members are not full members of the Development Committee, but are recruited on an as-needed basis to assist with Annual Meeting tasks such as generating lists of potential supporters and exhibitors (whose companies are located in the host city for the coming year’s Annual Meeting) and brainstorming other potential avenues of funding for the Annual Meeting.

If an upcoming SBM Annual Meeting will be hosted in your home city, join the Local Arrangements Committee to help share its treasures with your colleagues!