Education, Training, and Career Development Council

The mission of the Education, Training & Career Development (ETCD) Council is to provide SBM members with opportunities and support to enhance their training and career development throughout all phases of their careers in behavioral medicine.  

The council supports this mission in the following ways:

  • Developing and coordinating programs for the Annual Meeting and SBM webinars that are related to education, training, and career development topics (e.g., how to successfully manage career transitions, social networking with SBM leaders).
  • Consulting with and collaborating with SBM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to deliver career development programming relevant to their membership
  • Reviewing applications for several annual SBM achievement awards, including Distinguished Mentor, Distinguished Student, Outstanding Dissertation program, and Training Program
  • Using our website and communications channels to promote access to educational and career development resources for members, such as:
    • SBM Consultation Program
    • Opportunities to share course curricula in Behavioral Medicine
    • SBM annual meeting sessions related to education, training, and career development

The ETCD Council includes the following members:

Amy Huebschmann, MD, MS (Chair)
Jamie Bodenlos, PhD
Vicki DiLillo, PhD
Georita Marie Frierson, PhD
Nicole Zarrett, PhD
Valerie Myers, PhD
Karen Oliver, PhD
Lori Pbert, PhD
Barbara Stetson, PhD
Andrea Kozak, PhD 
Morgan S. Lee, PhD, MPH

Call Schedule
The ETCD Council meets via teleconference on the second Tuesday of every month.

Working toward its goals, the ETCD Council undertakes a number of activities for SBM including:

  • Authorship of a recurring column, “The ETCD Corner,”  in the Outlook newsletter – this provides “take-home messages” from recent ETCD council-sponsored activities
  • Selection of several SBM Achievement Award recipients.
  • Oversight of SBM’s sponsorship of American Psychological Association (APA) Continuing Education Credits.
  • Development of programming for the Annual Meeting related to education, training and career development
    • Coordinating the Poster Mentor program that assigns SBM fellows to meet with junior SBM members at their posters and provide guidance on their work
    • Developing career development programming for students, in collaboration with the SBM Student SIG
    • Rotating career development topics for different career transitions, including sessions on successful transitions to becoming a postdoc, starting as a junior faculty member, and transitioning to mid-career
    • Collaborating with other SIGs and councils to develop training programs that are appropriate for their members, and to market these programs to other relevant SIGs/council
    • Coordinating a social networking program for members with SBM leaders, titled “Meet the Consultants” for 2018
  • Assists SBM in providing other resources to members regarding education, training and career development
    • Maintaining an online resource for sharing course curricula in behavioral medicine.
  • Coordination and promotion of the SBM Consultation Program.