Digital Health Council

The Digital Health Council is responsible for identifying and pursuing opportunities, partnerships, and endeavors that strategically position SBM and its members to be leaders in the field of digital health. 


Members of the Digital Health Council are committed to working in collaboration with the leadership of SBM and SBM members on efforts intended to advance digital health research and practice in the service of improving individual and population health. Members of the Digital Health Council are also committed to cultivating, supporting, and showcasing the scientific, instructional, implementation, and translational work done in digital health by SBM members, including our industry partners and other digital health practitioners. This work is a unique asset of our Society, critical to the data-driven optimization of digital health solutions, and one core mechanism for SBM to advance its reach at fostering better health through evidence-based behavior change.

Digital Health Council Chair: Heather Cole-Lewis, PhD MPH

Council Members

David Ahern, PhD
Karen M. Basen-Enquist, PhD, MPH
Rebecca Bartlett Ellis, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC
Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD, MPH
Jessica Breland, PhD
Cynthia M. Castro Sweet, PhD
David Cavallo, PhD
Ellen Beckjord, PhD MPH
Marc D. Gellman, PhD
Carly Goldstein, MA
Stephanie Goldstein, MS
Syed Haider, PhD 
Eric Hekler, PhD
Brian P. Keefe, MA
Frederick Kron, MD
Emily G. Lattie

Kathleen Lysell, PsyD
Jennifer McClure, PhD
Danielle Miro, MA
Valerie Myers, PhD
Lisa Quintiliani, PhD, RD
Ashley Reynolds, PhD, RN, ACSM-HFS
Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin, PhD
Madalina Sucala, PhD
Michael S. Taitel, PhD
Katarzyna Wac, PhD
Danielle Arigo, PhD
Emil Chiauzzi, PhD

Current Activities

  • Contribute to the Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Behavioral Medicine with members proposing digital health entries and volunteering to author them;
  • Assist the Program Committee with securing sponsorship for Annual Meetings;
  • Lead initiatives to foster industry and SBIR involvement in SBM Meeting;
  • Support the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council in identifying an AMIA-SBM liaison;
  • Help SBM test the mobile app prior to the Annual Meeting;
  • Explore potential strategic partnerships and make proposals to the Board in collaboration with the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council;
  • Propose several pre-conference sessions, symposia, and panels for Annual Meetings; and 
  • Partner with and support other SBM Councils and Special Interest Groups. 

Have an idea for the SBM Digital Health Council? We want to know! Contact Dr. Cole-Lewis.