Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility – Integrated Primary Care Psychologist (Chinle, AZ)

Job Description: Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility is seeking a Psychologist (PhD or PsyD) to join our Integrated Care team. The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) program utilizes a ‘Walking in beauty’ Navajo, holistic approach to helping patients with medical and health-related concerns. The IBH team provides evaluations and treatment for psychological services (e.g. substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and stress related disorders) and behavioral services for general medical and health-related problems (e.g. cancer, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular, GI, diabetes, and sleep disorders). Clinicians on the IBH team practice in an outpatient behavioral health setting and utilize approaches that address the interaction between physical, psychological, and social factors in health management. The IBH psychologists provide leadership and work in close collaboration with the clinic’s behavioral health coaches. This position will also deliver administrative oversight, program development, integrated care training for medical providers, and direct clinical practice as we build our Integrated Behavioral Health Care Program within primary care.

Required Qualifications: By the date of hire, applicants must have completed a pre-doctoral internship accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) or Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and received a doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology from an APA or CPA accredited program.

Preferred Qualifications: Applicants who have completed a post-doctoral fellowship or have experience working in integrated primary care are strongly preferred. Ideal applicants for this position should be comfortable and competent working in the interdisciplinary context of primary care, providing consultation to medical providers, and performing psychological and behavioral health treatments with primary care patients in a brief and population-based model.

Hours per week: 40

Work schedule: 4 days/week (10hr shifts)

Salary: Federal salary and benefits are highly competitive. Loan repayment opportunities through the Indian Health Service or the National Health Service Corp are available.

Start Date: The position is currently open and has a flexible start date.

About Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility

Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility, an Indian Health Service site in the heart of the Navajo reservation, serves approximately 35,000 members of the Navajo Nation deep in the reservation where many aspects of traditional Navajo culture thrive. Challenges unique to our practice include respecting traditional beliefs, our very remote location, and a degree of poverty uncommon in the United States. We are often a good fit for people interested in global health or care of indigent populations. 

In our small town, we enjoy having no rush hour traffic, no long commutes, and no stressors of urban life. We walk to work and enjoy living in our close, collegial community. Chinle is a wonderful launching pad from which to explore the beautiful Southwest including several national parks and access to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, etc.

How to Apply / Contact

Please submit a letter of interest and CV to our medical recruiter, Heidi Arnholm via email at

Applications are being accepted now on until 5/4/17.  Please also let us know via email that you have applied!
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