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Consultation Program

The SBM Consultation Program provides SBM members with year-round electronic access to experts in various behavioral medicine areas. Members can view the available experts by logging into the Members Only section of the SBM website and clicking on the Consultation Program link in the Member Benefits list. Simply email the expert of your choosing with your questions.

Poster Mentoring Program

When a student SBM member submits an Annual Meeting poster abstract, he or she can check a box to indicate interest in having that poster presentation evaluated by a senior SBM member during the meeting. Interested students are matched with available mentors via a random drawing. That match and the resulting poster evaluation is officially called the Poster Mentoring Program, and the feedback students receive through it is invaluable, according to SBM student member Karl Minges, MPH.

Minges, a PhD student at Yale University, participated in the program during the 2014 Annual Meeting. He stood nervously by his poster, waiting to see which senior SBM member would stop by. He was thrilled when SBM Fellow Lori Pbert, PhD, made an appearance as his mentor. Minges got to pick Pbert’s brain, get tips on improving his oral communication, and use her expertise to determine the next steps for his research.

“It was fun to hear,” Minges said afterward.

When asked if he would recommend the Poster Mentoring Program, Minges didn’t hesitate.


If you are interested in participating in this program as a mentor, contact the national office by emailing or calling (414) 918-3156.