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Behavioral Medicine
What is behavioral medicine? Learn the basics about behavioral medicine, common areas of study, settings for research and practice, new areas in development and more.

Continuing Education
SBM offers several opportunities for obtaining continuing education credits for several professions. Learn about these opportunities and/or inquire about applying to SBM for accreditation of continuing education credits for psychologists for your educational program/activity.

Course Syllabi
To facilitate curriculum development across the field of behavioral medicine, the Education, Training and Career Development Council of SBM maintains this database of syllabi for courses taught by professionals within the various disciplines of behavioral medicine. Search for recently added syllabi, view the syllabi archive or submit your syllabi to the database.

Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine
Learn about evidence-based behavioral medicine and the direction and course of evidence-based practice and research within behavioral medicine. Also, learn how to conduct the Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice (EBBP) process with clients and communities by completing the interactive online Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice Learning Modules.

Grid-Enabled Measures Database
Grid-Enabled Measures, or GEM, is a dynamic Web-based portal where you, the behavioral and social science research community, can work virtually and collaboratively with your colleagues to share measures and harmonize data.

Check out archived and upcoming webinars that cover a variety of behavioral medicine topics.