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SBM Special Interest Groups
There are more than 20 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in SBM. Free membership in one or more SIGs is a benefit of being an SBM member. SIGs play the vital role of connecting SBM members with others who share similar professional interests. Learn more about this important part of SBM and how to get involved.

Social Media
SBM has a robust social media presence! Learn how to get connected with SBM on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and use our social media channels to make your voice heard.

This SBM blog draws members’ attention to ever-changing, always informative issues and news items. Each blog post typically includes information on a document that’s important to members; a quick poll to get a sense of where SBM members stand on the topic; and a link to SBM’s LinkedIn page, where we migrate discussion of the post for broad participation.

Watch the interactive #SBMTechTalks, recorded Google Hangouts which capture innovative discussions about the future of behavioral medicine and technology.

Professional associations, federal organizations and other resources of potential interest to SBM members.