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SBM Announcements

Spring/Summer 2016 Issue of Outlook Published

June 28, 2016
The spring/summer 2016 issue of SBM's Outlook newsletter has been published. Outlook is the official newsletter of SBM, published three times a year. Each issue of Outlook provides updates about SBM activities, policies, and other issues affecting the behavioral medicine community. This issue features an update on SBM's Leadership Institute participants, an interview about the National Pain Strategy with Academy of Integrative Pain Management Executive Director Bob Twillman, advice for early-career psychologists interested in primary care, suggestions for using technology to deliver behavioral interventions, and more. [Read more >>]

SBM Encourages Lung Cancer Screening in High Risk Populations

June 22, 2016
SBM calls for increased lung cancer screening for high risk patients, to reduce cancer deaths. Screening is recommended for those who are 55-80 years of age; have no current cancer symptoms; smoke currently or quit within the last 15 years; and have a 30 pack-year smoking history. Legislators and health care providers must take action to ensure the correct patients are screened. Legislators should support the integration of evidence-based tobacco treatment into screening programs, and should increase funding for screening and research. Health care providers should integrate evidence-based tobacco treatment into screening, reduce screening barriers, and counsel patients about the potential benefits and harms associated with screening. View the brief ( and its infographic ( [Read more >>]

Ask Your U.S. Representative to Reject Weaker Nutrition Standards

June 7, 2016
The U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education and the Workforce passed legislation on May 18 to reauthorize federal child nutrition programs. If this legislation were to become law, it would significantly weaken nutrition standards for school meals and would reduce participation in school meal programs. Please consider asking your representative to oppose the House’s current child nutrition reauthorization legislation. The SBM Supporting Policy Web page makes it easy. You can quickly find your representative's contact pages, and we’ve provided a template message that you can copy and paste.
[Read more >>]

SBM Calls for Increased HPV Vaccination Rates to Prevent Cancer

June 7, 2016
SBM’s Health Policy Committee has released a new position statement calling for increased human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates to prevent cancer. The vaccination is recommended for 11- and 12-year-olds. Legislators and health care providers must take action to ensure the vaccine is widely available and used. Legislators should advocate for vaccine insurance coverage and adequate provider cost reimbursement. Health care providers should treat HPV vaccination as a routine vaccination, and should use culturally appropriate communication strategies to educate patients and parents about the vaccine’s importance, effectiveness, and safety. View the brief ( and its infographic ( [Read more >>]

Gary Bennett Inducted as SBM President-Elect

April 6, 2016
Duke University professor Gary G. Bennett Jr., PhD, began his term as SBM president-elect on April 2. He will become society president in April 2017. Bennett was selected as president-elect through a vote by SBM members. He is a long-time SBM member who planned the society’s 2011 Annual Meeting as program chair and who served as a member delegate on the Board of Directors from 2011-14. He is a current member of SBM’s Development Committee.
[Read more >>]

SBM Releases 2015 Annual Report Infographic

April 5, 2016
SBM's year detailed in one chart! [Read more >>]

SBM Releases Position Statement Calling for E-Cigarette Regulation

March 7, 2016
SBM’s Health Policy Committee released a new position statement calling for stronger regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes), incorporation of electronic nicotine delivery systems into clean air policies, and special consideration of product safety standards to protect vulnerable populations. [Read more >>]

Winter 2016 Issue of Outlook Published

March 1, 2016
The winter 2016 issue of SBM's Outlook newsletter has been published. Each issue of Outlook provides updates about SBM activities and behavioral medicine advancements. This issue, for instance, features several previews of events being planned for SBM's 2016 Annual Meeting. It also features a Q&A with a health policy activist. [Read more >>]

SBM Supports FDA Rule that would Ban Those Under 18 from Indoor Tanning

February 29, 2016
SBM has submitted official comments in support of a proposed rule from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that would ban individuals under 18 from indoor tanning. The rule would apply nationwide, superseding state laws. SBM's comments support the ban and offer suggestions for increasing the rule's public health impact. View SBM's comments here: A large body of scientific evidence reveals that any use of sunlamps increases the risk of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Research also demonstrates that skin cancer risk is further increased among individuals who use sunlamps at younger ages. [Read more >>]

SBM Urges NIMH Director Search Committee to Choose a Behavioral Research Candidate

February 24, 2016
SBM has joined other like-minded organizations in recommending that the next director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) be someone who recognizes the central role of psychosocial, cultural, and behavioral research in addressing the mental health needs of our nation. The organizations have send a letter to the director search committee. [Read more >>]

SBM Members can Access JAMIA Patient Engagement and Patient-Centered Care Articles for Free

February 16, 2016
The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) has made a special collection of articles available to SBM members for free. The collection features articles on patient-centered care and enhancing patient engagement. Article authors identify good practices for the use of health information technology to facilitate patient engagement and patient-centered care. Understanding informatics tools and interventions is critical for both informaticians and behavioral scientists. The special collection is being made available in conjunction with a session planned for SBM’s 2016 Annual Meeting. The session, titled “The State of Science in Applying Bioinformatics to Enhance Patient Engagement,” is presented by SBM’s Scientific and Professional Liaison Council, SBM’s Technology Special Interest Group, the American Medical Informatics Association, and JAMIA. The session will take place on March 31 at 11 a.m. EST at the Washington Hilton conference hotel in Washington, DC.
[Read more >>]

SBM and ACSM Release Position Statement: Insurers Should Reimburse for Exercise Programming for People with Mental Illness

December 15, 2015
The Society of Behavioral Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine support increasing United States health plan coverage for exercise programming in community mental health programs for people with serious mental illness. [Read more >>]

SBM Releases New Position Statement: Reach 80% Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates by 2018

November 10, 2015
In response to the significant colorectal cancer (CRC) burden and persistent underutilization of screening, the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable’s (NCCRT) 80% by 2018 initiative sets an important goal for CRC screening in older Americans. The primary goal of this initiative is to attain a population screening rate of 80% in adults ages 50 and older by the year 2018. It is estimated that this screening rate could prevent more than 20,000 CRC deaths per year by the year 2030. SBM supports 80% by 2018 and encourages policymakers and health care providers to implement the recommendations outlined by the initiative. [Read more >>]

Fall 2015 Issue of Outlook Newsletter Published

October 13, 2015
The fall 2015 issue of SBM's Outlook newsletter has been published. Outlook is the official newsletter of SBM, published three times a year. Each issue of Outlook provides updates about SBM activities and other issues affecting the behavioral medicine community. This issue features an interview with new Translational Behavioral Medicine Editor Suzanne M. Miller, PhD; advice on impacting health policy; strategies for recruiting women into research studies; and much more. [Read more >>]

SBM President Marian Fitzgibbon Named Director of New Child Health Research Program

September 2, 2015
SBM President Marian L. Fitzgibbon, PhD, has been named director of the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC's) new Program for Child Health Research and Policy. The program will consist of faculty who conduct research that promotes the health of children, adolescents, young adults, and families. A particular focus will be on health disparities, including health outcomes for underserved and minority populations. [Read more >>]

Suzanne Miller Appointed Next Editor of Translational Behavioral Medicine

August 28, 2015
Suzanne M. Miller, PhD, has been appointed the next editor-in-chief of Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research, an SBM journal. Dr. Miller plans to extend the journal’s impact by highlighting its dissemination focus, growing its Web presence, and increasing the international distribution of editors for more worldwide impact. She also hopes to share journal content by partnering with policymakers and dialoguing with providers, consumers, and payers. [Read more >>]

SBM Member William T. Riley Appointed NIH OBSSR Director

August 19, 2015
SBM member William "Bill" T. Riley, PhD, has been appointed director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR). Riley has served as acting director of the OBSSR since May 2014, and has been with the NIH since 2005. Riley is a clinical psychologist by training. His research interests include behavioral assessment, psychosocial health risk factors, tobacco use/cessation, and the application of technology to preventive health behaviors and chronic disease management. Riley's research has included the use of mobile phones and other mobile computer devices to assess and intervene on tobacco use, dietary intake, physical activity, sleep, and medication adherence. [Read more >>]

SBM Releases New Position Statement: Integrate Community Health Workers into the Patient-Centered Medical Home

August 3, 2015
SBM supports expanding the use of community health workers to enhance primary care, prevention, and chronic disease management programs within patient-centered medical homes to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary utilization of resources. [Read more >>]

SBM Co-Authors Call to Action on Integrating Peer Support in Prevention and Health Care

May 14, 2015
SBM is pleased to have been involved in authoring this important call to action, and recommends the inclusion of community health workers and other providers of peer support as a regular part of prevention and routine care. [Read more >>]

SBM Releases New Position Statement: Retain Healthy School Lunch Policies

March 25, 2015
SBM has released a new position statement calling for the retention of the current school lunch standards set by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The statement further recommends that schools promote traditional and innovative nutrition education formats, repeatedly encourage the consumption of healthful foods, and make small environmental changes in lunchrooms to make more healthful eating accessible, attractive, and normative. [Read more >>]