SBM Board of Directors 2017 Election

This year's Nominating Committee invites you to take a moment to fully consider the candidates listed on the ballot. You may review candidates' qualifications by reading their biographical information and personal statements. Serving on the SBM Board requires a commitment of time, talent, energy, and creativity to advance the Society's goals and mission. Vote for the candidates that you believe will best serve you and the Society.

Open Board Positions

President-Elect (one position)

Member Delegate (one position)

Voting Criteria*

*If you are not a current member, renew your membership online. If you are unsure of your eligibility to vote, contact the national office at 414-918-3156.



Sara J. Knight, PhD
Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD
I abstain from voting for either candidate

Member Delegate

Margaret L. Schneider, PhD
Karen H. Yeary, PhD
I abstain from voting for either candidate

First Name:     Last Name:

Your vote will remain anonymous; however, you must include your full name in order for national office staff to confirm you are an eligible voting member. If you do not include your full name, your vote will not be considered valid.

Ballot Closes

March 7, 2017 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.