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The Society of Behavioral Medicine leadership comprises elected officers; various leaders who head its councils, committees, and special interest groups; journal and newsletter editors; and the national office staff.

Executive Committee

President Marian L. Fitzgibbon, PhD
President-Elect James F. Sallis, PhD
Past-President Lisa M. Klesges, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer Michael A. Diefenbach, PhD
Member Delegate Monica L. Baskin, PhD
Member Delegate Elliot J. Coups, PhD
Member Delegate Amy L. Yaroch, PhD


Digital Health Council Ellen Beckjord, PhD, MPH
Education, Training, and Career Development Council Nicole Zarrett, PhD
Health Policy Council Paul A. Estabrooks, PhD
Membership Council Lorna Haughton McNeill, MPH, PhD
Publications and Communications Council Alan M. Delamater, PhD
   Communications Sub Committee Bradford W. Hesse, PhD
Scientific and Professional Liaison Council Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin, PhD
Special Interest Groups Council Kristi D. Graves, PhD


Awards Committee Edwin B. Fisher, PhD
Civic and Public Engagement Committee Sherry L. Pagoto, PhD
Development Committee Brent Van Dorsten, PhD
Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine Committee Ken Resnicow, PhD
Finance Committee Michael A. Diefenbach, PhD
Health Policy Committee Joanna Buscemi, PhD
Nominating Committee Lisa M. Klesges, PhD
Program Committee Kate Wolin, ScD (Chair)
David X. Marquez, PhD (Co-Chair)


Annals of Behavioral Medicine Kevin S. Masters, PhD
Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP
Outlook newsletter William J. Sieber, PhD
Website Rajani S. Sadasivam, PhD

Special Interest Groups

Aging Neha P. Gothe, PhD
Sandra J. Winter, PhD, MHA
Complimentary and Integrative Medicine Laura A. Young, MD, PhD
Cancer Kristi D. Graves, PhD
Child and Family Health Bernard F. Fuemmeler, PhD, MPH
Diabetes Barbara A. Stetson, PhD
Ethnic Minority and Multicultural Health Jamilia R. Sly, PhD
Clement K. Gwede, PhD, MPH, RN
Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine E. Amy Janke, PhD
Joanna Buscemi, PhD
Health Decision Making Christine M. Rini, PhD
Sarah E. Lillie, PhD
Integrated Primary Care James E. Aikens, PhD
Kathryn E. Kanzler, PsyD
Military and Veterans' Health Emily Grieser, PhD
Jeffrey P. Haibach, PhD, MPH
Robin Masheb, PhD
Multi-Morbidities Jerry M. Suls, PhD
Multiple Health Behavior Change Lori A. J. Scott-Sheldon, PhD
Jayson J. Spas, PhD, MS
Obesity and Eating Disorders Andrea T. Kozak, PhD
Monica L. Wang, ScD, MS
Pain Lara K. Dhingra, PhD
Physical Activity Beth A. Lewis, PhD
Melissa A. Napolitano, PhD
Population Health Sciences Lila J. Finney Rutten, PhD, MPH
Jennifer L. St. Sauver, PhD
Spirituality and Health John M. Salsman, PhD
Andrea D. Clements, PhD
Student Alesha G. Hruska, MPH
Technology David K. Ahern, PhD
Julie A. Wright, PhD
Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions Arlen C. Moller, PhD
Heather L. Gainforth, PhD
Dejan Magoc, PhD
David Williams, PhD
Women's Health Jennifer L. Huberty, PhD
Sara Kornfield, PhD

National Office Staff

Consulting Partner Tara Withington, CAE
Executive Director Amy Stone
Senior Media and Member Communications Manager Lindsay Bullock
Program Manager Erica Linc
Program Manager Johanna Moss
Administrative Coordinator Andrew Schmidt
Meetings Manager Erin Trimmer


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